The Best Protein Powder For You – Part II: Which Protein Powder for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Vegans and Co?

Every athlete and bodybuilder has different needs and should accordingly choose the best Protein Powder. Which is the Best Protein Powder For You?
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In the first part of our series, we already looked at the different types of protein and protein sources. In this article we would like to deal with which Protein Powder best suits your athletic goals: Do you want to lose weight, are you aiming for fat loss or are you in the definition phase? Then you should opt for a different protein powder than when you are currently in the bulk phase and muscle building and possibly also mass building are your goals. In addition, you may have other requirements for your protein powder: should it be vegan? Cheap or expensive? Suitable for diabetics? We’ll give you an overview of which protein powder is best for you and your needs!

Protein Powder to Build Muscle

Günstiges Proteinpulver zum Muskelaufbau

For muscle growth, choose a protein powder with a high biological value (a value that measures how well the body can absorb and use a protein). Whey Protein and Whey Isolates are very good options.

Which protein you choose for your muscle building phase can depend on many factors. Here are a few you might want to consider:

  • Do you have a relatively fast metabolism?
  • Do you work in an office all day or do you have an active job?
  • How many days do you train per week?

While a protein supplement like Whey Isolate is perfect for a diet because it is low in carbohydrates, fats and total calories, when building muscle you should be more careful to have plenty of high quality protein, carbohydrates, fats and Total calories.

A large selection of Weight Gainer protein powders is available for this purpose. When choosing one of these varieties, the time of day is the biggest factor to consider. If you use the protein supplement as a daily shake, it can contain some fat. Shortly before or after training, a protein powder or weight gainer that consists exclusively of protein and carbohydrates is better, as fat should be avoided during this time because it causes the release of Amino acids and glucose in the body slows down.

Protein Powder for Weight Loss

If you want to lose and lose weight, for example, you can replace one or two meals a day with a healthy protein shake. It is best to choose protein powder without added sugar or dextrins / maltodextrins (sweeteners made from starch). You should also avoid protein powders or protein shakes with added branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), as these promote muscle growth and weight gain.

For effective weight loss it is best to opt for a protein isolate or protein hydrolyzate that contains no extra carbohydrates. It would also be possible to choose a coffee-flavored protein powder , which often contains coffee grounds. In addition to boosting your metabolism, caffeine also increases your endurance during exercise, which allows you to burn more fat and calories. This makes a coffee-protein mix the perfect snack 30-60 minutes before training.

Whey protein, casein, and egg proteins, as well as plant sources like soy and peas are excellent choices for people looking to lose weight. Some of these protein powders are fortified with ingredients like caffeine and fiber, which can also help with weight loss.

Günstiges Proteinpulver zur Gewichtsabnahme

Vegetarian or Vegan Protein Powder

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, don’t opt for milk-based protein shakes (like whey, milk proteins), but instead use 100% vegetable proteins such as proteins from soy, pea or hemp.

If you want to build muscle with a plant-based diet, but don’t want to eat huge plates of chickpeas and beans, a vegan protein supplement can be useful. But even less active people should consider a protein powder, because protein is important for everyone, whether active or not. It helps the body grow, repair and maintain muscle tissue. Without muscle tissue, we lose strength, bone health decreases, and our metabolic rate drops.

Whey protein is a good promoter for muscle building, milk-free alternatives, i.e. vegetable protein powder, for vegetarians and vegans require a little more effort to release the protein.

Protein Powder for Diabetics

Patients suffering from diabetes should choose protein shakes with no added sugar. Protein supplements that are low in carbohydrates (5-15 grams per serving) are also recommended.

Many of the snacks we take in between meals often contain too much carbohydrates and sugar. These can cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket in people with diabetes. A protein powder shake might be a healthier option because protein digests more slowly than carbohydrates. The chances of a blood sugar spike are less and you feel full longer longer.

However, packaged protein drinks and foods are often high in sugar, which can drive up glucose levels. So be sure to check the protein supplement label first to make sure that no sugar has been added.

Günstiges Proteinpulver für Diabetiker

Protein Powder for Lactose Intolerance

People with irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance should choose protein powders that do not contain lactose sugar, artificial sweeteners or dextrins / maltodextrins. If you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, you shouldn’t choose powders that contain gluten.

Nowadays, manufacturers of Protein Supplements can pass the whey fluids through a series of ceramic filters, effectively removing all of the lactose. Whey concentrate has the highest lactose content, whey protein isolate has less lactose than whey concentrate and whey protein hydrolyzate less than whey isolate.

As more and more people with lactose intolerance have started taking protein supplements, manufacturers have reacted and are now offering an increasing variety of lactose-free protein powders.

Inexpensive Protein Powder

To save money, buy large bags of protein powder instead of ready-to-drink protein shakes, which are more expensive due to their convenience. In addition, the range of protein powders and protein supplements is huge and there are always good offers!

Have a look at our online shop for protein powder – you will surely find the right protein powder for your needs and your wallet!

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