How do Pre-Workout Boosters Work?

Would you like to know what a pre-workout booster is, what ingredients it contains and whether it is worth taking it? We give you an overview!
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Some athletes hear the term for the first time, for others the sport supplement is an integral part of the training plan – it’s about Pre-Workout Boosters! The dietary supplements that are used by many athletes, bodybuilders and strength athletes are also known as fitness boosters or Trainings Booster. But what is actually behind the terms and how exactly do the supplements work?

We give you an overview of Pre-Workout Boosters:

  • What is a Pre-Workout Booster?
  • The fitness Booster mode of operation
  • Training Booster: ingredients and ingredients
  • Special Pump Booster
  • Pre-Workout Booster: dosage and intake

After reading this article, you can decide for yourself whether you want to take your training to the next level with the help of a Pre-Workout Booster.

What is a Pre-Workout Booster?

Was ist ein Pre-Workout Booster?

More performance, more focusmore pump: These are the primary goals of a Pre Workout Booster. The English word “boost” gets to the point: With the help of this sport supplement , your training and your fitness should be put in the swing of things and improved – so you will miss a proper “Boost”!

That’s why many athletes and athletes use a fitness booster before workout and strength training. The dietary supplement contains effective ingredients that ensure that you can train with a certain “extra kick”: You have more energy and motivation, you can focus and concentrate better and thus achieve new high performance.

Trainings Booster should not only drive away fatigue, but also support you physically and mentally with the help of stimulants and other active ingredients. Some athletes consume the Hardcore Booster before each workout, while others only use the stimulant effect occasionally when the motivation and energy for training are particularly low.

When should you use a pre-workout booster? The reasons and reasons for this are varied and individual. A training booster makes sense if:

  • you are unmotivated and tired after a long and tiring day
  • you want to take your training to the next level and overcome a plateau
  • if you generally find it difficult to concentrate on the workout
  • if you train exceptionally early or late and need the extra portion of energy and motivation

The Fitness Booster Mode of Operation

All Fitness Boosters and Training Boosters work via the dosage and composition of their ingredients. Depending on the active ingredients and stimulants contained, the different Pre-Workout Boosters may also have a different focus. Some pre-workout boosters focus particularly on maximum energy provision, while others support the mental aspect – focus and motivation. There are also special Pump Boosters, which we will discuss below. Since the pre-workout booster ingredients are decisive for the effectiveness and performance of the training booster, we will take a closer look at them below.

Trainingsbooster Inhaltsstoffe und Zutaten

Training Booster Ingredients and Facts

The main components of a Training Booster can be roughly divided into four categories: Amino Acids, stimulants, Vitamins & Minerals as well as additives and flavors. As mentioned above, each Pre-Workout Booster has different ingredients and different compositions. However, a few ingredients are contained in most training boosters. These we will present here.

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Probably the most legendary Pre-Workout Booster on the market!

BCAAs and other Amino Acids

The abbreviation BCAA stands for “Branched Chain Amino Acids”, translated into German “branched chain amino acids” and contains a combination of the amino acids leucineisoleucine and valine. As part of a pre-workout booster, BCAAs can protect the muscles, promote muscle building and at the same time support fat loss.

The semi-essential amino acid provides for an expansion of the vessels and promotes blood circulation. This can improve the nutrient supply to the muscles and achieve a greater pumping feeling .

This amino acid works particularly well when taken at the same time as L-arginine. Combined, the two active ingredients promote the release of growth hormones and thus support muscle building.

Many pre-workout boosters contain the amino acid L-tyrosine because it is known for its mood-enhancing effect and at the same time increases the ability to concentrate.

This ingredient makes the muscles work harder for a longer time, which means that you can do more repetitions during training and build muscle faster.

Citrulline or Citrulline Malate
The intake of citrulline has a similar effect to arginine and has positive effects on blood circulation , nutrient transport and muscle pumps.

Stimulants: caffeine, guarana, DMAA / DMBA and Co.

Caffeine is one of the ingredients found in almost every pre-workout booster. The active ingredient stimulates the organism, increases attention and wakes you up. It also increases mental and physical performance.

Other Stimulants
In addition to the well-known and well-known caffeine, there are Pre-Workout Boosters that contain other stimulants. These include, for example, DMAA , HCL, Ephedra (Ephedrine HCL), Geranium, Schizandrol and Guarana . Especially Hardcore Boosters with the original US formula often contain strong stimulants that ensure that the supplement really bangs during training!

Spezielle Pump Booster

Additives: Creatine and Co.

Creatine / creatine
Many athletes and bodybuilders take Creatine because it leads to an increase in strength and performance. Accordingly, creatine – usually in the form of Creatine Monohydrate – should not be missing in most Pre-Workout Boosters.

Some sport supplement manufacturers also launch Training Boosters with secret formulas and secret ingredients. Unfortunately, you don’t always know exactly what is really hidden in the Fitness Booster. The additives can also include flavorings.

Vitamins and Minerals

Because the body consumes a lot of vitamins and minerals during training , the stores should be replenished quickly. That is why many pre-workout boosters contain vitamin B1, B3 (niacin), vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C, D, cholic acid, pantothenic acid and / or magnesium.

Special Pump Booster

Some pre-workout boosters are specifically designed to maximize muscle pumps – these boosters are called Pump Boosters. Arginine, L-Ornithine and Citrulline in particular are important ingredients of pump boosters: they ensure that the blood flow to the muscles is greatly increased and you can clearly feel and see the bulging, swollen muscles during the workout.

Pre-Workout Booster Dosage and Intake

Pre-Workout Booster Dosierung und Einnahme

Training Booster – as the name “Pre Workout Booster” suggests – are taken on training days BEFORE the workout, usually between 30 – 60 minutes before. Some manufacturers also recommend taking it on an empty stomach. The exact recommendations and times can vary depending on the product, so a look at the label is always recommended

So that there is no habituation effect, you should also train without the Pre-Workout Booster. In addition, taking it too late in the day can cause difficulty falling asleep, and the caffeine it contains keeps you awake. Nausea, rapid heartbeat or a strong tingling sensation can be unpleasant side effects if you overdo the dosage or if certain ingredients react sensitively.

If you want to try out a pre-workout booster yourself, you will find an overview of our training boosters and fitness boosters here, which you can easily buy in our online shop!

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