Appetite Suppressants, Fat Blockers and Swelling Agents: What are the Best Slimming Products?

There are various weight loss agents that support you on a diet, e.g. appetite suppressants and fat blockers. Here is how it works:
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Lose weight, be slim, have a toned and muscular body: For many people these are important goals, but they are often difficult to achieve. The inner bastard cannot be overcome, crash diets often lead to the yo-yo effect and constant hunger as well as bland diet food cause bad mood and a lack of discipline.

How nice it would be if there were a miracle cure with which you can easily lose weight. The market for dietary supplements, Diet ans Slimming Pills and slimming products is large – unfortunately there is no magical miracle cure. To lose weight successfully and in the long term, you still need a good diet plan, a change in diet and enough exercise. However, there are several weight loss products that can help you with this diet and weight loss, for example Appetite Suppressants. In the following, we will introduce you to the various weight loss agents and how they work.

Appetite Suppressants and Co.: Slimming Products in Comparison

Slimming Products are dietary supplements that you can take in addition to your diet and that help you achieve your weight loss and weight loss goals. These can be plant-based as well as chemically produced sports and diet supplements.

Basically, there are three categories of Slimming Products: appetite suppressants, fat blockers and swelling agents. All three weight loss agents interfere with human metabolism, they should accelerate your weight loss and protect you against food cravings. The different weight loss devices work in different ways.

Appetitzügler und Co. Abnehmprodukte im Vergleich

Appetite Suppressants and how they work

It is important to know that you have to distinguish between hunger and appetite. Hunger is an innate reflex that ensures our survival. When we feel hungry, the so-called hunger center in the brain is activated and tells us that our body needs energy. Therefore, if we eat from hunger, the food we eat should primarily fill you up. Whether it tastes particularly good or not is of secondary importance here.

In contrast, appetite does not require a meal. You probably know it yourself: you have just eaten a big meal and are full, but you have an appetite shortly afterwards – maybe for something sweet? This craving also arises in the brain, but is closely linked to emotions and habits. Your body does not need the chocolate or chips to think about it now – but your brain still signals to you by means of a food craze that you want to eat certain foods.

Accordingly, we often consume too many calories during the day – mainly due to the snack, snacks and “cravings” in between. Appetite leads us to eat more than we actually need.

This is where the Appetite Suppressants start. This special form of slimming product is also called appetite suppressant, because it acts directly on the brain and there inhibits hunger and appetite. The appetite suppressants slow down the release of certain messenger substances so that you feel full more quickly – and your feeling of hunger is reduced. And less hunger means fewer calories and therefore weight loss. Many appetite suppressants also contain extracts that provide you with energy, for example guarana or caffeine. So you have a large amount of energy for the day – despite lower calorie intake.

Taking appetite suppressants and appetite inhibitors can lead to side effects such as high blood pressure, nervousness and sleep disorders. Appetite suppressants should therefore be used carefully.

So wirken Fettblocker

This is How Fat Blockers Work

Many foods and especially ready meals contain fat: both healthy unsaturated and unhealthy saturated fat. However, since fat is a flavor carrier, many dishes only taste really good with fat. This is why many people find it difficult to avoid fat during diet for reasons of taste and habit.

There are so-called fat blockers for all these people. These are slimming tablets or diet pills that – depending on the product – are taken before or after a meal. The weightloss products ensure that the fat consumed in the food is not metabolized by the body, but simply excreted again. This process is called fat rejection. Fat blockers can either prevent the breakdown and absorption of the fat in the intestine or bind the fat to certain molecules.

Fat blockers ensure that you eat fewer calories from fats. However, it also blocks the healthy fats the body needs. In addition, taking fat blockers could lead you to consume more fat than before – and thus counteract weight loss. The following also applies to this weight loss product: Fat blockers can be a supplement to a change in diet and exercise.

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The Mode of Action of Swelling Substances

The third category of weight loss agents are the swelling agents. These are diet pills or capsules that are filled with a swelling agent. Before the actual meal, take the swelling agent – with sufficient water. The mixture swells in your stomach (as the name suggests :-)) and you will feel much less hungry and eat significantly less at mealtime. The swelling substances are excreted naturally.

It is crucial for this weight loss product that you consume enough additional fluid. Otherwise there is a risk of blockage of the gastrointestinal passage. In addition, a fixed rhythm of meals helps with this dietary supplement, so that you can consume the source substances accordingly before each meal.

Abnehmmittel als Shakes, Tabletten und Kapseln

Slimming Products as Shakes, Tablets and Capsules

The presented weight loss products are mostly available in different forms: as powder, diet capsules or Weight Loss Tablets. You decide which form is right for you. People with difficulty swallowing often choose powders and shakes. Tablets and capsules, on the other hand, are easy to dose and can be taken anywhere.

Buy Swelling Agents, Fat Blockers and Appetite Suppressants online

Prescription-free weight loss products can be bought almost everywhere, in the drugstore, in the pharmacy and even in some supermarkets. There are also specialized online shops for nutritional supplements. Here the offer is particularly large and you can get an overview at home and read the reviews and testimonials of other users.
If you want to buy bulking agents, fat blockers and Appetite Suppressants online, have a look here. We would be happy to advise you on the right weight loss product for you!

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