Stimulate Metabolism and Lose Weight with these 5 Tips!

A good metabolism can help you lose weight and build muscle. We have some tips for you on how to speed up your metabolism!
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Some eat and eat and don’t even gain weight. Do you know the expression you say to such people? “But it has a good metabolism!” What is behind this statement, what does metabolism mean and can a good metabolism also help you lose weight? We explain what this means and give you tips on how to get your metabolism going.

What is the Metabolism and why should you Stimulate the Metabolism?

The processes of metabolism are also called metabolism. This means all biochemical processes and procedures in our body – down to the cell level. That means the metabolism encompasses everything that is broken down in the body, rebuilt and used again for new products. Everyone has a different metabolism and metabolizes the components of the food ingested differently – some can filter more or less energy from the food.

The human metabolism is mainly controlled by our hormones and the nervous system. But environmental factors, such as temperature, also influence our metabolism. There are different categories of metabolism: carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, mineral metabolism and fat metabolism.

When the metabolism works well and is in good shape, we feel fit and healthy. In this state, our body can work most efficiently with the building blocks it receives. Fats, carbohydrates and Proteins are used optimally, we are usually less susceptible to diseases and feel balanced. An activated metabolism also helps to maintain or lose weight.

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Difference: Catabolic and Anabolic Metabolism

There are two main processes involved in metabolism: catabolic and anabolic.
Catabolic metabolism, also called catabolism, refers to the breakdown of substances in the body. This means that the substances ingested through food are recycled and converted into chemical compounds. Energy is gained during catabolism and so-called “storage energy” is stored in the muscle cells.
Anabolic metabolism is also known as anabolism. This involves building up substances; cells are built up and repaired. Anabolism plays a role in building muscle mass, healing miracles and cell renewal, among other things.
If you want to stimulate your metabolism to lose weight, you usually want to increase your anabolism, as these processes use energy and burn fat. Anabolism also plays a major role in muscle building – important for building lean muscle mass for a lean, defined body. Besides Fat Burners & Pre-Workout Boosters offers you the most effective SARMs and Prohormones an. Below we give you some tips on how you can stimulate and activate your metabolism.

Stimulate the Metabolism with Sport

Your body needs a basic amount of energy every day, this is called basal metabolism. If you eat more calories (= energy) from your food, the excess calories are stored in the fat tissue and in the muscle cells. However, if you exercise regularly and exercise, calories are burned and your basal metabolic rate can even be increased. For example, muscles can be built up through sport and these increase energy consumption and thus also the basic metabolism.
The general rule is: exercise in everyday life ensures that your metabolism is activated. If you also do sports, you will further boost your metabolism. A combination of strength training and endurance training is particularly recommended to really get your metabolism and fat burning going. HIIT, the high-intensity internval training, is a particularly effective training to stimulate the metabolism effectively. This special form of training has short but highly intensive training units and the phases of effort and relaxation alternate. The body has to use a lot of energy and you can still benefit from the afterburn effect even after the workout!

Accelerate a lot of Drinking to Metabolism

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Hand on heart: how much do you drink every day? The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends 2.7 liters of water a day for the human body, of which about 1.5 liters should be consumed in drinks. Drinking is not only vital and healthy, it can also stimulate your metabolism. A study (1) by the Charité has shown that 500 milliliters of water increase energy consumption by 24 percent in the next 60 minutes. Cold water stimulates the metabolism even more than warm water because the body has to use energy to bring the liquid to body temperature. And another little tip: if you drink a glass of water about 30 minutes before your next meal, you will very likely be full more quickly and therefore eat fewer calories from your diet.

Foods that Increase Metabolism

Nutrition also plays an important role in activating the metabolism. Because the body not only absorbs energy through food, it also uses energy to digest and process the nutrients in the food. This effect is called the Thermic Effect of Food, or TEF for short. The body needs the most energy to metabolize proteins, so a high-protein diet is highly recommended. But spicy foods and spices can also speed up your metabolism, since your body has to react to the heat and sharpness stimulus.

Basically, these foods are recommended to stimulate the metabolism:

  • High quality proteins
    For example fish, poultry, dairy products, pulses or protein shakes
  • Carbohydrates containing dietary fibre
    Lots of vegetables and wholemeal products
  • Healthy fats
    Especially coconut oil seems to be a real metabolism booster.
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Good Sleep for an Increased Metabolism

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Good and restful sleep is important to us. Because poor or too short sleep stresses us, increases blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. In addition, the satiety hormone leptin is inhibited, while the hunger hormone ghrelin increases. If we sleep badly, it has a negative impact on our metabolism and at the same time increases the chance of becoming overweight.

However, if we sleep well and restful, this has a positive effect on the metabolism. In addition, our cells and muscles are regenerated during sleep – which is particularly important for all athletes.

Fat Burners Stimulate the Metabolism

So there are many things you can do to boost your metabolism: regular exercise, plenty of drinking, the right foods and restful sleep. If you want an extra boost for your metabolism, you can try Fat Burners. These are sports supplements and dietary supplements that – as the name suggests – boost fat burning. Many of these Fat Burner Capsules contain active ingredients that aim to boost the body’s thermogenesis. With the help of the fat burner and Diet Pills, your metabolism is increased, your energy consumption is increased and thereby the fat burning is effectively boosted.

There are a variety of different fat burners, for example plant-based or with stimulants. If you want to find out more about fat burners, you will find all the important information here!

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