Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

As we age, testosterone levels in the body drop, we have less energy and less sexual desire. Find out here how you can increase your testosterone levels naturally:
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Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women. While the testosterone level is particularly high in youth, it can continue to decline over the years and thus lead to health problems, we feel lack of energy and also find it difficult to build muscle. All the more important that we look at how to naturally increase testosterone levels.

Why is Testosterone Important for us?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone, but women also have small amounts of it. It is a steroid hormone produced in the testes of the male and the ovaries of the female. The adrenal glands also produce small amounts of testosterone. During puberty in boys, testosterone is one of the main drivers of physical changes such as muscle growth, deeper voice and hair growth. However, optimal testosterone levels are important throughout life, including adulthood and even old age. In adults, healthy testosterone levels support overall health, reduce disease risk, and play an important role in body composition and sexual function. Testosterone levels are also critical for female health and sexual well-being. And importantly for many athletes, strength athletes and bodybuilders, increasing testosterone levels can lead to rapid gains in muscle mass and increased vitality in just a few weeks. In middle-aged and older men, testosterone levels drop by 0.4% to 1.6% per year, and many men have below-average levels even in their 30s. Low testosterone in men can lead to low libido and poor health outcomes, such as the development of metabolic syndrome. In addition, low testosterone is associated with depression in both men and women. So it’s all the more important that we make sure to keep an eye on our testosterone levels and, if necessary, support the production of testosterone – naturally. Here we show you ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. For more info, check out our post What are Testosterone Boosters and How do They Work?

Sports and Lifting Weights as Testosterone Booster

Sports and exercise are the most effective ways to stay healthy and fit. At the same time, sports can also increase your testosterone. People who exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels than those who do not. Even in older people, exercise not only increases fitness and reaction time, but also Testosterone Levels.

Resistance training, such as weight lifting, is the best type of exercise to increase testosterone levels in both the short and long term. Especially shortly after a workout, your testosterone levels rise. More importantly, strength training can benefit testosterone production in the long run by improving body composition and reducing insulin resistance. So focus your training on your muscles and hit the gym weight room often. Cardio has its benefits, but it doesn’t boost your testosterone the way strength training can. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be very effective.

Why ist Testosterone important?

The right Diet for Testosterone Production

What you eat has a great influence on testosterone levels and other hormones as well. Therefore, you should take a thorough look at your diet and eat a healthy and balanced diet for the long term. Overeating or dieting over and over again can disrupt testosterone levels – it’s much better to have a well-thought-out, long-term nutrition strategy.

Adequate protein intake through Proteins can help maintain healthy levels and support fat loss, which in turn supports testosterone production. You’ll learn more about Schlf in the next section.

Carbohydrate intake through Weight Gainers also plays an important role, as research has shown that carbohydrates can help optimize testosterone levels during strength training.

In addition, sufficient healthy fats through Essential Fatty Acids must not be missing from your diet. These are also good for your health and testosterone levels.

Many people swear by a Mediterranean style diet. This diet can help you keep your weight in check and protect you from insulin resistance, which is related to low T levels.

A healthy diet is also important to keep your weight in the optimal range. That’s because weight gain and related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, are closely linked to a decrease in testosterone, especially in middle-aged and older men. When you gain fat, your testosterone production decreases.

Die richtige Ernährung für die Testosteron Produktion

Sleep as a Testo Booster

Lack of sleep causes numerous health problems. Most importantly, it decreases testosterone production and facilitates fat gain. We’ve already established above that this is bad. Therefore, it is important to get enough quality sleep.

Your body increases the testosterone in your body when you fall asleep. The level peaks when you start dreaming and stays that high until you wake up. However, if you get little sleep at night, this will have a negative effect on your testosterone level during the day. This can then drop by up to 15%. In one long-term study, it was observed that those who slept only four hours a night had a borderline deficiency. Another study calculated that for every additional hour of sleep, testosterone levels increase by an average of 15%. Therefore, try to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.

Schlaf als Testo Booster

Supplements and Dietary Supplements for More Testosterone

There are also supplements that can help you with testosterone production. These include mainly vitamin D and zinc, followed by magnesium. In one study, zinc and vitamin B supplements increased sperm quality by 74%. Zinc also boosts testosterone in athletes and people with zinc deficiency.

Other studies suggest that vitamins A, C, and E may play an important role in your sex hormone and testosterone levels. The best supplements for increasing testosterone levels are vitamin D and zinc supplements.

Special Testo Booster buy online

On the market for sports food and dietary supplements there are also special Testosterone Boosters that have been specially developed to increase testosterone levels in a natural way. These Testo Boosters usually contain special herbal substances that have a positive effect on testosterone production. These active ingredients include, for example, ashwagandha, ginger extract, horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, shilajit and tongkat ali.

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