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Post Cycle Therapy Guide: Getting Off Steroids and Prohormones Properly

Why is Post Cycle Therapy so important? And how is it best carried out? We explain everything important to you about the PCT:
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You are currently taking Prohormones, SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) or steroids to you or are you planning to start such a cure soon? Then you should definitely contact Post Cycle Therapy (On Cycle Support), liver protection and PCT – Post Cycle Therapy . In this post we explain how you can properly stop steroids and prohormones with the help of Post Cyle Therapy Supplements and protect and support your body optimally.

In this Guide to Post Cycle Therapy we will show you which products will best help you recover from a cycle, how to use them and what to expect.

What does Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) mean?

The Post-Cycle Therapy, PCT for short, is essentially the process of leveling the hormone level in your body after a steroid regimen, a prohormone cycle or ingestion from SARMs. Performance enhancers and sports supplements such as prohormones and steroids temporarily turn off your body’s natural testosterone production. PCT products then help your body to recover from the cycle and increase the body’s own testosterone levels again.

Why is Post Cycle Therapy so important?

If Post Cycle Therapy is not carried out, it can take 1 – 4 months for the natural testosterone level to normalize again. During this time, you risk losing all the muscle and strength gains you worked so hard for. In addition, your libido can drop and other undesirable side effects can occur.

With a PCT your body quickly restores its natural testosterone production, which preserves your gains and reduces or eliminates potential side effects.

Was bedeutet Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

The goals of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

An effective Post Cycle Therapy aims at the following goals, which you want to achieve with the help of PCT dietary supplements:

  • Restoration of the body’s endogenous testosterone production
  • Inhibition of estrogen production
  • Preservation of the built-up muscle mass
  • Reduction of cortisol
  • Minimizing fat gain
  • Balancing our hormones to reduce possible negative effects
  • Increase in libido and mood

During an anabolic, prohormone or SARM regimen, you are giving your body an extremely high dose of testosterone or other hormones or hormone precursors exogenously. The body is brought into an extremely anabolic state over a period of 12 – 16 weeks and then cannot simply go on as before. Post Cycle Therapy products therefore help you to get the body’s own production of testosterone going again after the cure.

In addition, you have laboriously developed lean muscle mass during a cure, which you naturally want to maintain after the cycle. Here, too, a PCT will help you prevent the absorption of fat and maintain your muscle mass and strength.

The optimal length of a cycle therapy (PCT)

The Post Cycle Therapy should be done directly on the day after the end start your course and usually last at least 4 weeks. The various PCT manufacturers indicate the exact length of a Post Cycle Therapy on their products – this can vary from supplement to supplement. In addition, the length and dosage of the PCT also depends on the previous treatment. The higher the dosages of steroids, Prohormones or SARMs were, the more Your Post Cycle Therapy should also be more extensive.

PCT to increase testosterone production

One of the most important tasks of a PCT supplement is to increase testosterone production. There are a number of products and ingredients that promote precisely this goal, including Anacyclus Pyrethrum, D-Aspartic Acid, Divanil, Icariin, Indole-3-Carbinol, Zinc, Resveratrol, Vitex Agnus Castus , Epimedium and many others. Individual reactions to testosterone-boosting ingredients often vary considerably. Hence, it is recommended that you find an ingredient that you respond well to and use it.

The popular and powerful testosterone boosters include :

PCT as an estrogen blocker

In the context of restoring testosterone production, you also need to take care of lowering estrogen levels at the end of your cycle. The sooner this happens, the faster you can regulate your testosterone levels and the faster your sex drive recovers. A combination of an estrogen blocker with a test booster is recommended, which is the classic way to maximize free testosterone, your mood, and libido while reducing the potential for unwanted estrogens Limit effects.

A number of products have been specially developed for the purpose of estrogen reduction. Many of these supplements contain some additional ingredients to achieve further positive effects, for example increasing testosterone, controlling cortisol and body fat or increasing performance. A good PCT supplement combines all the important ingredients to help you to deliver the best possible results and to optimally support your body. The preferred ingredients of the estrogen blockers include 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolyl-flavan, pZole, ATD, formestane, 6-bromo and chrysin.

Here you can find an overview of effective PCT Supplements:

The differences between PCT and OCT - On Cycle Support

Cycle Support products are taken during a prohormone cycle or a steroid cycle to protect the liver and to increase blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent.

A PCT product is taken and promotes natural testosterone production, thereby maintaining the hard-earned increase in lean muscle mass and avoiding unwanted side effects.

Conclusion: do you need PCT support?

Der Unterschiede zwischen PCT und OCT – On Cycle Support ​

Performing Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is extremely important and is often overlooked by many. There are different methods how a real PCT can be carried out and the range of effective products is large – there will also be a PCT that is precisely tailored to you and your needs after a cure!

Using a PCT ensures that you can maintain your muscle and strength gains and that you are in optimal health when the cycle is complete. If you don’t do a PCT, it can take months or even years for your body to fully recover.

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