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Everything you need to know about testosterone propionate such as use, effect, side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids (ASS).
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Testosterone propionate is an anabolic androgenic steroid that can be injected (dissolved in oil). In the body, the active ingredient is converted to Testosterone, among other things, which then works in the muscles, tissues and almost all other body organs. Just like natural testosterone, which is also known as the male sex hormone, the anabolic androgenic steroid enhances the expression of male sexual characteristics. It stimulates the growth of muscles, which is why it is often used in the fields of bodybuilding, competitive sports and weight lifting.

In this blog post, we would like to explain to you:

  1. What is testosterone propionate?
  2. What can the steroid do?
  3. What are the benefits and side effects?
  4. How is it used?
  5. What else is there to know?

Note: This blog post is only intended to inform you about anabolic steroids (anabolic androgenic steroids – AAS) such as testosterone propionate, because the trade, purchase and use of these substances is regulated in some countries – including Germany. We would like to inform here, but not to encourage or instruct consumption.

Testosterone Propionate: What is it?

Testosterone propionate is a testosterone derivative esterified at the C17 atom with a molecule of propionic acid. Sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually not. It has been one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids for more than 40 years. It is gone from the body after only 48 hours. Testosterone propionate, because of its short half-life, is therefore often used by novices or even in some cases by bodybuilding women to enhance muscle building and performance. The muscle building is significantly weaker than with Testosterone Enanthate, but those who rely on the short-term effect (and want to have the active ingredient quickly out of the body), is well advised with propionate, the short-term ester. The disadvantage is that it has to be injected at least every two days.

Testosteron Propionat: Was ist das

Testosterone Propionate: What can the Steroid do?

The anabolic steroid testosterone propionate is a so-called short-term ester, which is a fast-acting steroid, but which also has a short half-life and is therefore broken down by the body within about 28 to 30 hours. Just like all other anabolic androgenic steroids, testosterone propionate has some disadvantages as well as advantages. Consequently, it is central in any case to carry out the intake of these agents responsibly and professionally. In case of pre-existing conditions – especially cardiovascular – you should refrain from all steroids and hardcore supplements. In addition, we advise Cycle Support for all anabolic agents. During the steroid cure you should support your liver and the whole organism and afterwards make sure that you can keep the gained muscle mass.

Effect Testosterone Propionate

Taking Testosterone Propionate accelerates muscle growth and accordingly increases muscle gain in the mass phase. At the same time, it ensures a good pump and thus provides motivation for an intensive, effective workout. Thanks to its rapid action, the effects of taking this injectable steroid can be seen after a very short time. Muscle growth is accelerated, fat loss is improved. In addition, the recovery time after training is shortened. Some athletes also notice an increased appetite and more training aggression, which can additionally accelerate and strengthen the development especially in the phase of building up. Finally, the muscles appear full and the strength in training increases with the cycle.

Here you see nevertheless again all positive effects of the anabolic androgenic steroid, testosterone propionate on a view:

  • Fast muscle building
  • Solid increase in musculature
  • Increased motivation for training
  • More self-confidence
  • Increased fat burning
  • Pump effect
  • More strength
  • Fuller appearance of the musculature
  • Increased appetite and training aggression

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Side effects Testosterone Propionate

Side effects that can occur with the injection of the androgenic anabolic steroid are blemished skin or even acne as well as greasy hair. Hair loss, increased growth of body hair, negative effects on the cardiovascular system and enlargement of the prostate may also occur. In addition to these physical symptoms, testosterone can also have effects on the athlete’s psyche. Here, mood swings and increased irritability can occur. People with cardiovascular problems should generally keep their hands off anabolic androgenic steroids and other hardcore substances.

In female athletes, the development of male sexual characteristics is possible; this is referred to as virilization symptoms. The growth of body hair is an example of this. Women who decide to take Testosterone Propionate should accordingly keep a close eye on their bodies and dose the active ingredient extremely responsibly.

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Testosterone Propionate Application

Due to the aforementioned short half-life of the androgenic anabolic steroid, an injection every two days up to a daily intake of the active ingredient testosterone propionate makes sense. Either it is used alone or is clocked with further steroids (straight, in order to extend the half-life by persistently acting substances).

Since it is necessary to inject every 48 to 30 hours to obtain a long-term effect, many athletes therefore prefer longer-acting substances, which is why Testosterone Propionate is of rather lesser importance in the athlete scene. For athletes who store a lot of water and fat during the build-up phase, this form of testosterone administration is nevertheless worth considering. Here, an application of about 50 to 100 mg per day is targeted, since then only a low storage of water in the body is to be expected, and the muscles are better displayed.

Hobby bodybuilders can also achieve a very good effect with Testosterone Propionate. Here, a daily dose of 100 mg is recommended in order to achieve an optimized muscle build-up where the risk of side effects remains quite low. This course of treatment can be continued over a period of a quarter of a year up to a year at a constant dosage.

Even beginners in the use of injectable steroids can benefit from the effects of this AAS. Since the effect of Testosterone Propionate occurs very quickly after ingestion, quick results can be achieved this way. A good pump, more appetite and fuller muscles are quickly achievable effects of the cure with about 50mg of active ingredient per day. This can be continued over a period of a quarter to half a year.

As with all active ingredients containing the male sex hormone Testosterone, women are not advised to use it. The testosterone here leads to the expression of male sexual characteristics. Female bodybuilders who nevertheless do not want to do without the effect of testosterone are best advised to use short-acting Testosterone Propionate. Impressive results can be achieved with an injection of 10 to 25 mg every two days, although special attention should always be paid to health. If signs of side effects are apparent, intake of the anabolic androgenic steroid should be suspended immediately.

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More information about Testosterone Propionate

The intake of hormones, such as Testosterone Propionate, is in any case an intensive intervention in the body. It is clear that here should always be acted responsibly and professionally in the sense of the athlete to achieve a good and safe effect. Therefore, after stopping the injections at the end of the cure, an intensive Post Cycle Therapy should take place, because during the supply of exogenous testosterone, the body’s own production of this hormone is reduced. The hormonal system should accordingly be supported to resume its normal function in order not to risk long-term difficulties and to continue to benefit from the effect of the short. On-Cycle Support is advisable during the cure to support the liver and the whole organism.

Another short information about the legal situation: Before purchasing and taking anabolic androgenic steroids and testosterone propionate you should inform yourself exactly what is allowed where.
In Germany, for example, you are not allowed to take these substances for the purpose of athletic competitions. In addition to the Anti-Doping Act (AntiDopG), they also fall under the Medicines Act (AMG).

As an athlete, the cure with anabolic androgenic steroids should therefore be well planned and a sensible follow-up to the injections should also be well considered. If you don’t want to use needles, you can also achieve good results with SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators), Prohormones and other substances.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us!

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