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Stenabolic SR-9009 is a metabolism modulator for more endurance, performance & fat burning. Learn everything about Stenabolic SR9009 here!
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Stenabolic SR-9009 is not really a SARM, but a metabolic modulator. If you want to be even more specific, it’s a Agonist of Rev-ErbA. You’ll find out what that means in a moment.

However, the substance is often classified in the group of SARMs because they target quite similar but different systems (SARMs namely act on the androgen receptor). And so here’s what we want you to know about:

  1. What is SR-9009?
  2. What effect has Stenabolic and are there also side effects?
  3. What experience have users had with it?
  4. What is the best dosage and when is the best time to take? Can you also stack SR9009?
  5. And how does the legal situation in Germany and in competitions actually look like?
  6. Last but not least: Where can I buy Stenabolic?

Note: This blog post is only to inform you about Stenabolic SR-9009, because the trade, purchase and use of these substances is regulated in some countries – including Germany. We would like to inform here, but not to encourage or instruct consumption.

What is Stenabolic?

As already mentioned: SR9009 is not a SARM selective androgen receptor modulator.

Indeed, as the name suggests, the latter act selectively at the androgen receptor. Stenabolic, on the other hand, is an agonist of Rev-ErbA. The exact processes involved are very complex, so here we will try to explain it in a simplified and brief way:

SR9009 increases constitutive repression of genes regulated by Rev-ErbA. Rev-ErbA proteins belong to the nuclear receptor family. These, in turn, are among the intracellular transcription factors.

Some studies have demonstrated the central role of REV-Erbs in the regulation of metabolic, neuronal, and inflammatory functions, including metabolism and lipid metabolism. SR9009, as mentioned, affects the Rev-ErbA alpha protein, which in turn affects the circadian clock. This rhythm describes the body’s ability to control processes such as the sleep-wake cycle, energy levels, and the feeling of hunger within 24 hours. This also includes switching genes on and off. And it was precisely for this purpose – influencing circadian rhythms – that Stenabolic was developed.

In addition, it was shown that the hormone and metabolic modulator also increases the absorption of nutrients in the organism. The active ingredient was thus originally produced for medical purposes (combating obesity and the metabolic syndrome) and research is still being carried out with it because of its enormous potential.

Wirkung Stenabolic (SR9009) / Effect of Stenabolic SR9009

Effect Stenabolic SR9009

Due to its performance-enhancing, muscle-building, and fat-loss effects, Stenabolic is also used as a hardcore supplement by bodybuilders, strength athletes, and other athletes.

The activation of Rev-ErbA-α with the help of SR9009 could increase physical performance by increasing the number of mitochondria in skeletal muscle. Rev-ErbA-α protein also influences fat metabolism, energy level, and hunger sensation, in addition to muscle fibers and liver. Research has also found that SR-9009 can improve general well-being, support building lean muscle mass, promote healing processes, and increase biological availability of nutrients. However, the hormone and metabolism modulator Stenabolic has a particularly positive effect on lipid metabolism, i.e. fat metabolism.

In general, Stenabolic thus activates the Rev-Erb protein. This helps to better utilize glucose and fats during training. Thanks to the preparation calories can be burned faster. Furthermore, it attenuates the fat-storing genes. Another advantage is the reduction of new fat cells in the liver.

Benefits of Stenabolic at a glance:

  • highly effective hormone and metabolic modulator
  • To improve overall physical performance
  • promotes endurance
  • cranks up the metabolism
  • provides improved fat burning (increased lipid metabolism)
  • for weight loss
  • helps build lean muscle mass
  • increases the biological availability of nutrients in the body (uptake and utilization)
  • improves the general well-being
  • prevents muscle tension
  • optimizes energy levels
  • improved healing processes
  • good blood circulation

SR9009 Side effects

The metabolism modulator does not affect the hormone balance, which is why only few or no unwanted effects should occur. Especially for people who use Stenabolic for the first time, it can – as with all supplements – but also side effects. These include dizziness, headaches, acne or sleep disorders. After a short period of use, however, these symptoms should disappear. A Post-Cycle Therapy after each cycle can help retain the muscle mass gained and support the body.

Buy Stenabolic Online

The production of Stenabolic is not simply allowed in some countries. Therefore, there are always people who produce preparations in illegal laboratories or even at home. If you want to buy Stenabolic, please look carefully at the origin and the manufacturer. In our web store for sports supplements and hardcore supplements you will find SR9009 preparations exclusively in first-class quality and from reputable manufacturers.

golden pharma STENABOLIC SR9009

golden pharma STENABOLIC SR9009

SARM SR9009 (Stenabolic) for high-quality muscle mass, a massive fat burning, more endurance, strength and performance

Brawn Nutrition SR9009

Brawn Nutrition SR9009

SR9009 for effective muscle building and simultaneous fat loss.
Very popular for Crossfit- and endurance athletes!

Swiss Pharmaceuticals STENABOLIC SR9009

Swiss Pharmaceuticals STENABOLIC SR9009

SARM SR9009 accelerates fat burning and increases high quality muscle mass.

BIO Molecule Stenabolic (SR 9009)

BIO Molecule – Stenabolic (SR 9009)

Not only massively accelerates the burning of body fat, but also promotes the building of high-quality muscle mass.

Stenabolic (SR9009) Experience

We asked users of SR-9009 to share their very personal experiences with us. The majority reported a massive increase in endurance – which is why track and field athletes also find the active ingredient interesting. Strength athletes were also pleased because they were able to last significantly longer in training. Also the energy level and the general well-being could increase almost all.

Most users had the experience that their fat metabolism improved and they lost body fat – even in problem areas. A large proportion said they felt significantly better in their skin overall and were able to improve their aesthetic appearance. At the same time, many users were pleased with a good gain in lean muscle mass. However, compared to strong anabolic SARMs, prohormones, or steroids, the muscle gain was smaller.

Many users used Stenabolic while dieting with a high protein content to achieve optimal results.

SR-9009 Intake and Dosage

Stenabolic unfortunately has only a very short half-life of about four to six hours. This means that you have to take the supplement regularly throughout the day so that it can develop its full effect.

In terms of increasing endurance, SR-9009 works best if you take it about 45 minutes before training. Overall, you should make sure that you exercise regularly during Stenabolic Cycles. Normally you take SR9009 between 8 and 12 weeks. However, many users extend the cycle to improve and consolidate their results.

The initial dosage is about 10 mg per day (5 milligrams every 4 hours throughout the day). After acclimation, you can increase the daily dose to 20 milligrams daily. Please note the individual tolerances of your own body.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on each product for more detailed instructions.

Stenabolic in SARM Stacks

Stenabolic can be stacked well with SARMs and substances such as GW-501516 (Cardarine), S4 (Andarine) or Ligandrol (LGD.4033). If you want to combine active ingredients, you should always first test the components individually for compatibility and effect. Also in terms of dosage you should approach slowly. In the best case, you bring a certain experience with you. Especially popular is the combination of SR9009 and Cardarine (GW-501516). Here, many report that had tireless reserves of strength and energy and actual could not perceive any exhaustion. At the same time, the buildup of lean muscle mass and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat potentiated. The stack of Stenabolic, Testolone and Ibutamoren is also extremely popular, as top results in terms of muscle building and fat reduction can also be expected here. On the market there are also highly effective Stacks with SR-9009, which combine various SARMs, etc. and at the same time have an ideal dosage and combination of active ingredients:

Stenabolic in Germany: Is SR-9009 legal?

Caution: We may and can not make any legally binding statements, but want to show you the legal situation known to us (as of April 2021) in the following. Please always inform yourself about the respective legal situation in your country before buying and consuming SR-9009 (Stenabolic).

SR9009 as well as the related drug SR9011 are referred to as “metabolic modulators”. Thus, they are considered doping relevant. According to the Anti-Doping Act (AntiDopG §2) and Doping Substances Quantity Ordinance (DmMV) the following is allowed in this country:

Stenabolic from a legal source you are allowed to possess and consume as an amateur athlete, who does not want to gain a competitive advantage with it, in small quantities – for metabolic modulators this is a maximum of 75 mg – in Germany.

Most preparations have a dosage of 5 to 10 mg. So depending on the preparation, you can legally own and use 7.5 to 15 daily servings.

Stenabolic SR-9009 in competitions

Caution: SR90009 is considered doping relevant. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lists the metabolic modulator on its prohibited list. Stenabolic is therefore banned in athletically organized competitions.

In summary: If you want to participate or take part in competitions, then in Germany it is neither allowed to possess Stenabolic nor to take it.

If you have any questions about Stenabolic (SR-9009) or any of our other products, feel free to contact us!

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