Ephedrine vs. Ephedra: What is the difference?

Ephedrine and Ephedra difference. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the fat burner Ephedrine Pseudoephedrine and Ephedra.
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Ephedra HCL, ephedrine, ephedra extract, ephedra, Ephedrine HCL, ephedra herb, etc. There are not only many different names and terms circulating around ephedrine / ephedra, but also still some ambiguities around the fat burner ephedrine.

Therefore, we explain to you in this post:

  1. What is Ephedra?
  2. What is ephedrine and what effect does the substance have?
  3. What is the difference between ephedrine and ephedra?
  4. How and when to take ephedrine/ephedra?
  5. Is Ephedrine/Ephedra legal in Germany?
  6. What to consider when buying ephedrine/ephedra?

Note: This blog post is only intended to inform you about ephedrine and ephedra, because the trade, purchase and use of these substances is regulated in some countries – including Germany. We want to inform here, but not encourage or instruct consumption.

What is Ephedra?

Ephedra is a plant – more precisely a shrub species. It is also known as sea grape. It grows in American deserts, Russian steppes, South America, Africa, China, Canary Islands and Portugal. For over 5000 years ephedra species have been used in Chinese medicine under the name Ma Huang. The approximately 70 different ephedra species almost all contain what most users are concerned with: Ephedrine. The cardiovascular alkaloid is often used for weight loss or fat reduction. The herb of the ephedra plant can be drunk as a tea or swallowed in capsule form.

Was ist Ephedrin

What is Ephedrine?

The substance Ephedrine is obtained from the ephedra plant on the one hand, but on the other hand it is also produced synthetically. In medicine, ephedrine is used to treat symptoms of bronchial asthma, rhinitis, narcolepsy, obesity and hypotension, but also in ophthalmology. Ephedrine is also considered a precursor to the production of methamphetamine, which is why the trade and distribution of the substance is regulated in some countries (more on this below). Ephedrine has similarities to the body’s own adrenaline and is chemically strongly related to the group of amphetamines. In sports – especially bodybuilding – it is used to reduce body fat.

Effects of Ephedrine:

  • curbs appetite, so fewer calories are consumed
  • improves thermogenesis, so that more calories are burned
  • dissolves fatty acids from the depots
  • increases metabolism
  • increases training intensity
  • reduces the rate of protein degradation
  • increases protein biosynthesis
  • increases the energy demand of the body
  • has a euphoric effect (improves mood and mood)
  • has an aphrodisiac effect (increases the desire for sex)
  • can prolong erections (however, at increased dosage a decreased libido can occur)
  • especially in combination with caffeine (such as in ECA stacks) it improves performance

What is the difference between Ephedrine or Ephedra?

Briefly and somewhat simplified, it can be said: ephedra is the plant – ephedrine is the active ingredient. Similar to coffee and caffeine or yohimbe and yohimbine.

How and when to take Ephedrine/Ephedra?

The usual dosage is 25 to 50 mg. Doses above 50 mg can already cause unpleasant side effects (restlessness, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, headache, sweating, tremors, loss of appetite, increased body temperature, weight loss, etc.). The half-life is about 3 to 6 hours. So you should pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions on the particular preparation. Sustained high doses can lead to a habituation effect and the associated loss of effect. In addition, ephedrine can be addictive.

Ephedrine and ephedra preparations should not be taken directly before going to bed, as they have a stimulating effect. Ideally, you should take your supplement about 30 minutes before your workout. Here, too, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Buy Ephedrine/Ephedra: What to look for

There are pure Ephedrine/Ephedra preparations. However, the active ingredient ephedrine is also contained in numerous supplements such as ECA stacks.

Caution: Some ECA Stacks contain ephedra from the plant Ephedra Viridis. Thus, they do not contain ephedrine. Many other Ephedra species, on the other hand, contain the desired ephedrine in the form of ephedrine alkaloids or other alkaloids that are directly related to ephedrine or have similar effects. These include pseudo-ephedrine, methyl ephedrine, or norpseudo-ephedrine. Ephedra nevadensis, for example, has a high amount of ephedrine.

You want to buy ephedrine/ephedra? Then you should pay attention not only to the legal situation but also to the ingredients and dosage. In principle, you should only buy from trustworthy stores.
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Is Ephedrine/Ephedra legal?

Attention: We are not allowed or able to make any legally binding statements, but we want to show you the legal situation as we know it (as of October 2021) in the following. Please always inform yourself about the respective legal situation in your country before buying and consuming ephedrine and ephedra.

Since ephedrine has dependence potential due to its stimulating effect, it has been subject to prescription in Germany since 2006 (Arzneimittelverschreibungsordnung). Ephedra (sea dew) also falls into category 1 of the GÜG (Grundstoffüberwachsungsgesetz) because the ephedrine it contains can serve as a source material for illegal substances. In the European Union, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are considered drug precursors requiring monitoring because they are used, among other things, to manufacture methamphetamine. Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of ephedrine can be a criminal offense under Section 316 of the German Penal Code if impaired driving can be proven.

Ephedrine is also prohibited in competitions because of its performance-enhancing effects.

Until 2001, ephedrine preparations were freely available in pharmacies in Germany. Ephedrine is still contained in small quantities in some medications. For example, you will find ephedrine in low concentration (20.7 mg per 100 ml) in the cold remedy Wick MediNait as a non-prescription medicine.

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