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Sometimes you – or better said woman – are simply tired, unmotivated and limp. It’s hard to cope with everyday life with job, household, children etc.. Training is then often no longer to think about. Here, Training Boosters can do a good job, because they increase energy and motivation. At the same time, they provide more endurance, concentration and drive.

Are there Training Boosters only for women? In principle, there are no differences for the different sexes. There are hardly any Training Boosters that are ONLY for men or ONLY for women. However, we advise you as a female athlete to reduce the dosage and to avoid too blatant hardcore preparations (such as prohormones, anabolic steroids, etc.) in order to avoid hormonal imbalances or virilization.

Nevertheless, there are a few myths surrounding Training Boosters for women and there are numerous more or less reliable sources of information. Therefore, in this article we want to clarify:

  1. What types of training boosters for women are there and what do they do?
  2. What kind of experiences have female athletes had with boosters?
  3. Where can I buy high-quality training boosters as a woman?

Get informed here and then just test for yourself which is the best training booster for you! If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or want to have children, you should of course stay away from them.

Training Boosters for Women: What Types are there?

There are numerous training boosters for women with very different ingredients. Therefore, we want to show you the different types here, so you can find the best training supplement for you. Because not all boosters are the same. Depending on the active ingredient or stimulant, they work differently and are therefore also suitable for different needs and goals.

Probably the most important training boosters for women are:

  • Pre-Workout Boosters

These supplements are used before a workout to give you more energy, motivation, pump and focus. Many also support muscle building or act as a fat burner at the same time due to the stimulants they contain.

  • Boosters with DMAA and/or DMHA

On the one hand, they act as pre-workout boosters, but also massively boost fat burning. So they are something like a combination preparation that contains either DMAA and / or DMHA.

  • ECA Stacks and Supplements with Ephedra/Ephedrine

These supplements are also good for pre-workout and body fat reduction. The main stimulant here is ephedrine or ephedra extract – sometimes in combination with caffeine and aspirin (ECA stack).

  • Brain Boosters and Nootropics

They mainly strengthen the cognitive abilities, i.e. concentration, coordination, brain and nerves, but also provide a lot of power and are therefore also well suited for training.

Pre-Workout Booster für Frauen / Pre-Workout Boosters for women

Pre-Workout Boosters for Women

With Pre-Workout Boosters, the intensity of the workout can be increased on the one hand. In addition, most preparations give a lot of power, concentration, motivation, muscle pumps and increase endurance on the other hand. So you can train longer and more intense, which of course accelerates muscle building. On the other hand, many Pre-Workout Supplements also contain substances that actively improve muscle growth like creatine, beta alanine or arginine.

Here are our 3 most popular pre-workout boosters for women:

Glaxon G.F.Y Trainingsbooster

G. F. Y. made by Glaxon

This supplement provides maximum energy and performance during workouts and contains yohimbine, synephrine and other stimulants in addition to important vitamins and amino acids.

Alpha Lion Alpha Dreams Trainingsbooster

Alpha Dreams from Alpha Lion

With amino growth and relaxation matrix, this delicious supplement provides maximum muscle building, fat loss and improved recovery.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange DMHA

Ultimate Orange by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

This pre-workout booster gives you the full charge for training, optimizes the oxygen supply to the muscles and improves endurance, muscular performance, strength and fat burning.

Training boosters with DMAA and DMHA

Boosters with DMAA or DMHA are more suitable for those of you who already have experience with stronger stimulants and use them in a targeted and responsible way. The biggest advantage of DMAA and DMHA boosters is that on the one hand they bring massive energy, pump and motivation for training, but on the other hand they also act as an enormously powerful fat burner.

DMAA (Dimethylamylamine) is particularly suitable for enhancing athletic performance. It is not allowed in competitions in some countries. In dietary supplements, it may also no longer be used in many places, despite – or perhaps because of – its enormous potency. For this reason, some manufacturers have replaced DMAA with DMHA (Dimethylhexanamine). Although the latter is not quite as potent as its predecessor, DMHA is also known for its enormous effect: It curbs appetite, increases performance and concentration, massively boosts fat burning, acts as a pre-workout booster and gives plenty of power, pump and drive.

Here are our 3 most popular DMAA and DMHA Boosters for Women:


Crack with DMAA by Dark Labs

This DMAA pre-workout booster from the USA is especially popular with women, bodybuilders and other athletes. Attention: very potent!

Alpha Lion StimTropic

StimTropic with DMHA by Alpha Lion

Another product that has been known and extremely popular in the USA for a long time is this DMHA Pre-Workout. Women like to rely on this product because it curbs appetite, boosts fat burning, provides focus and energy, and is relatively gentle.

USP Labs Jack3d DMAA + DMHA Geranium

Jack3d with DMAA and DMHA by USP Labs

One of the classic Pre-Workout Boosters par excellence and still very popular among women and men is this supplement. Probably everyone knows it!

Ephedra Supplements and ECA Stacks for Women

In addition to Ephedrine or ephedra extract, ECA Stacks for women also contain caffeine and aspirin (ECA Stack). The combination of the three active ingredients brings enormous synergistic effects – in other words, they reinforce each other and thus ensure a stark, long-lasting effect. Ephedra has an amphetamine-like, stimulating effect and is mainly used as a fat burner. But the substance is also suitable as a Trainings Booster, because it provides increased performance, good mood, more power, alertness and motivation. At the same time, ephedra has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. So you can also benefit from more desire and intensity in bed. Nice side effect, right?! 😉

Here are our 3 most popular Boosters with Ephedra/Ephedrine and ECA Stacks for Women:

China White 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma for sale! China White Fat Burner, china white ephedra

China White Ephedra 25 from Cloma Pharma

Especially for women, this ephedra booster is very popular because it works relatively gently and therefore has little or no side effects. At the same time, however, it helps to lose an enormous amount of fat, curbs the appetite and really gives a lot of power.

ECA Xtreme Ephedrine ECA Stack for sale. Buy cheap ECA Stack.. Order ECA Stack. eca stack for sale. buy eca stack. eca stack online.

ECA Xtreme made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

One of the best and best-selling ECA Stacks from the USA has multiple effects: as an appetite suppressant, as a fat burner and as an energy and training booster.

Swiss Pharmaceuticals ECA EXTREME

ECA Extreme by Swiss Pharmaceuticals

This ECA Stack is very popular among both beginners and advanced users due to its tremendous effectiveness.

Brain Boosters and Nootropics for Women

Nootropics and Brain Boosters mainly increase the performance of the mind, because they effectively support your brain so that you can benefit from maximum concentration and laser-sharp focus. Sure, this helps you in your everyday life on the one hand, but at the same time it ensures that you can achieve the best results in your workouts.

Here we show you our favorites in Nootropics / brain boosters for women:

Brawn Nutrition NOOTROPIX

Nootropix by Brawn Nutrition

This nootropic maximally boosts focus, energy, and concentration, so you get a really powerful workout booster.

Brawn Nutrition Smart Focus Nootropic

Smart Focus by Brawn Nutrition

This is something very special: a motivational and concentration booster, which at the same time massively increases your energy level.

Dragon Pharma Neuromorph

Neuromorph by Dragon Pharma

This Mind Booster comes in powder form and with a delicious taste. It also ensures that you are motivated, energetic and in a good mood to complete your daily routine and workout. And on top of that, it can even ensure that light-induced eye damage is reduced and cell health is improved.

Experiences with Training Boosters for Women

We asked our customers about their experiences with training boosters for women. Most users used the supplements rather short-term or especially on days when there was a lack of motivation, energy and concentration. Here, actually, all were super satisfied with the results in training. Few had to try a few supplements first to find the right one for them.

Some women also used the training boosters in everyday life, i.e. on days when they needed an extra dose of power and focus. Here, too, the experiences were consistently positive.

Taking the supplement – about 30 to 45 minutes before training – was found to be easy by all, regardless of whether it was in capsule or powder form. None of the female athletes we interviewed reported serious side effects; however, a few mentioned headaches, mild nausea or a faster heartbeat.

Buy Trainings Booster for Women

In our online shop for sports supplements and dietary supplements you will find only high-quality preparations from reputable manufacturers, including training boosters for women.

You can find out which product suits you best by carefully reading the product descriptions and then testing it slowly and carefully. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with us, feel free to contact us!

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