The Best Dietary Supplements for Women

The 15 Best Supplements for Women, According to a Dietitian - Contribute to your overall well-being with these options:
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A balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains and healthy fats usually provides your body with the most important nutrients. However, there are phases in a woman’s life when she cannot adequately cover her needs through food alone: for example, because there is not enough time to cook fresh and healthy meals every day, or because your body demands something different during the different phases of your cycle. And especially if you lead a very active life, do a lot of sports (or even strength or competitive sports) and are very involved in your job and everyday life, your body has an increased need for nutrients.

Here we present you the supplements that you really need as a woman and that help you to supply your body ideally! We show you which dietary supplements are suitable for daily use and also preparations that can be helpful for female athletes. And of course, we also have something delicious. Because honestly, what woman doesn’t like to reach for something sweet?

Daily Nutritional Supplements for Women

You are probably wondering why you should take nutritional supplements as a preventive measure. And the question is of course completely justified – especially if you do not feel anything directly by taking them. But let’s put it this way: you don’t wait for your car to have problems with the engine, but you have it serviced regularly! It is the same with the female body: don’t wait until you have deficiency symptoms, but make sure that it is continuously supplied with everything it needs.

This includes especially minerals, trace elements and Vitamins (especially vitamin D3), magnesium, calcium, zinc and the unsaturated fatty acids omega 3-6-9.

Multivitamin preparations for women

Most women have neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours on dietary supplements and their ingredients. Multivitamin preparations that are specifically tailored to the needs of women are often a good choice here to provide the body with a good overall basic supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Likewise, there are products that specifically support the health of hair, skin and nails.


NOW Foods Eve™ Women’s Multiple Vitamin Softgels

This is the all-round carefree package of all necessary vitamins and nutrients – adjusted to the needs of women and girls.

Solgar Female Multiple

Solgar Female Multiple

For women: 27 essential nutrients for optimal performance and daily well-being.

Solgar Skin, Nails and Hair, MSM Formel

Solgar Skin, Nails and Hair, Advanced MSM Formula

The all-in-one-package for strong nails and hair and beautiful skin with a unique complex that helps to build collagen.

Special supplements for women

However, those who eat a healthy and balanced diet may not want to take all the minerals, trace elements and Vitamins in addition, but only use special supplements for women.

For example, among the most popular supplements for women are vitamins. Vitamin C, for example, protects cells, the immune system, improves stress management as well as wound healing and ensures firm connective tissue. B vitamins are especially suitable for those women who suffer from fatigue, irritability, nervousness and lack of concentration. About 80 percent of vitamin D is formed in the skin through exposure to sunlight. Supplementation is therefore extremely helpful, especially in the winter months. This is because the sun vitamin ensures a good mood, regulates calcium metabolism and thus also bone formation.

This makes it particularly popular with female athletes, as is magnesium. Magnesium supplements prevent muscle cramps and fatigue. The mineral calcium protects the bones and teeth, whereas zinc in particular promotes the immune system and wound healing.

NOW Foods Calcium & Magnesium + D-3

NOW Foods Calcium & Magnesium + D-3

All-round package with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and zinc to support your health and for strong bones and teeth.

Essential fatty acids as a dietary supplement for women

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are vital for every human being. Therefore, women in particular should make sure that they consume sufficient essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and 6. And these fats don’t make you fat either! They not only provide energy for jobs, everyday life and sports, but also support the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and serve to protect cells. Good food sources of unsaturated fats are vegetable oils such as flax, olive or rapeseed oil, as well as algae, walnuts and soybeans. But you can also find the healthy fatty acids in animal foods such as salmon, herring or seafood.

Incidentally, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding need more unsaturated fatty acids, because the embryo also needs to be well supplied to ensure cell growth.

Solgar EFA 1300 mg, Omega 3-6-9

Solgar Omega 3-6-9, 1300mg

3 essential fatty acids for optimal health and well-being.

Folic acid - not only for women who want to have children and pregnant women

According to a study from 2008, about 80 percent of the German population has a folic acid deficiency. Especially if you want a child or are breastfeeding, you should urgently pay attention to your folic acid level. Folic acid, or more precisely vitamin B9, is essential for cell division and the building of DNA. This is why a good supply is so important, especially before and during pregnancy, because an undersupply endangers the healthy development of the embryo. But even without pregnancy, a folic acid deficiency leads to problems such as blood anemia or an increased risk of infection, and even depressive moods and irritability. Therefore, every woman of childbearing age should take this vitamin in sufficient quantities. Good food sources of folic acid are wheat germ, broccoli and spinach.

Solgar Folate 400mcg als Metafolin

Solgar Folate - active folic acid

Active folic acid for pregnant women, usable directly by the body.

Training Supplements for Women

No, to do sports you don’t necessarily need dietary supplements & Co. Get into your sports clothes and let’s go! But especially female athletes know how important it is to take care of your body. In addition to a good basic supply of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, there are also supplements for women that offer ideal support, especially during training. Worth mentioning here are especially Protein Powders , Pre-Workout Boosters and Fitfood like protein pancakes or cookies.

Protein powder for women

Protein Shakes are only for men? We think not! Because women also benefit from the extra portion of protein when losing weight and building muscle in equal measure. Proteins are the building material for muscles, cells and connective tissue. On top of that, they support the immune system, bring hormone balance into equilibrium and ensure a good recovery after sports – keyword: regeneration. In addition – and this is the most important thing for many female athletes – proteins keep you full for a long time and are indispensable in the fight against body fat and in building muscle. And women are supposed to miss out on all that? We advise you: Girls, reach for Protein Powder!

Evolite Creamy Whey 700g

Evolite Creamy Whey

Whey protein: effective, creamy and with delicious buttermilk taste.

APS Nutrition IsoMorph Pure Whey Isolate 2270g

APS Nutrition IsoMorph 28 Pure Whey Isolate

AAA-rated whey protein isolate of first-class quality.

Scitec Nutrition Vegan Protein Pure Form - 450g

Scitec Nutrition Vegan Protein

Pure Form Vegan Protein is Lactose and Gluten Free and consists of 5 different protein sources.

Pre-Workout Booster for Women

Pre-workout boosters may not be a dietary supplement in the true sense of the word, but they are nevertheless an extremely popular and well-known supplement for female athletes. On the one hand, Pre-Workout Boosters push your training performance to a maximum, on the other hand, many also contain active ingredients that promote regeneration and give you more energy for everyday life. However, you should not overdo it with the Trainings Booster, because if you only train with boosters, you might lose track of your actual performance and your own training level.

Alpha Lion StimTropic

Alpha Lion StimTropic

Effective fat burner and DMHA booster that boosts your thermogenesis properly, curbs your appetite and gives you enormous energy.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange DMHA

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange

Pre-workout supplement with DMHA for new standards in training, for more pump, energy, focus and killer muscle pumps.

FINAFLEX Stimul8 Dynamite DMHA

FINAFLEX Stimul8 Dynamite

DMHA training booster for laser sharp focus and explosive energy!

Fitfood for Women

Let’s be honest, girls, who doesn’t know it: the little hunger in between, especially for something sweet? But especially during a diet or for those who train hard, chocolate, chips or other sweets are not the best. Fitfood like protein pancakes, bars or protein cookies are a good alternative. On the one hand, they are a good snack for in-between, on the other hand, they can satisfy your hunger for something sweet without you having to reach for a fattening snack.

Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake – 1036g

Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancakes

Delicious protein pancake with a high content of high quality proteins from different sources!

DG Nutrition Excellent Protein Cookies

DG Nutrition Protein Cookies

Delicious protein cookies for a healthy snack in between: extra protein, low fat and low carbohydrates.

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